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High quality and effective construction equipment of new models and all capacities for large and small projects.

Self-loading Concrete Mixer

1.2-6.5m³ Self Loading Mixer

1.2-2.0m³ Self Loading Pan Mixer

Concrete Plant

Mobile Concrete Plant

Container Type Concrete Plant

Belt Conveyor Type Concrete Plant

Skip Hopper Type Concrete Plant

Wex/Dry Mix Concrete Plant

Rough Terrain forklift

CPC 30 Rough Terrain Forklift

CPC 35A/B/C Rough Terrain Forklift

CPC 40 Rough Terrain Forklift

CPC 50 Rough Terrain Forklift

CPC 60 Rough Terrain Forklift

Concrete pump

Concrete Trailer Pump

Concrete Mixer Pump

Concrete Boom Pump

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Backhoe Loader

Side Shift Backhoe Loader

Center Pivot Backhoe Loader

Two-wheel Drive Backhoe Loader

Four-wheel Drive Backhoe Loader

Asphalt Plant

Mobile Asphalt Plant

Stationary Asphalt Plant

Continuous Asphalt Plant

Mini Asphalt Plant

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High cost-effectiveness

Offer competitive prices for construction machinery. Conduct thorough market research to set prices that align with industry standards while considering the value we provide through product quality, performance, and services. 

Diverse Product Range

Offer a wide range of construction machinery options to cater to different customer needs. It allows our customers to find suitable solutions from our company instead of looking elsewhere.

Maintenance Services

SinoTech Luton provides maintenance services to help you run efficiently, reduce costs, and minimize any downtime. Providing regular maintenance, inspections, and timely repairs, so you can keep doing what you do best.

Cutting-edge Solutions

Stay up-to-date with the latest technological advancements in construction machinery.  Invest in research and development to offer innovative features, enhanced safety systems, or advanced automation capabilities.

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SinoTech Luton was founded in 1992, covers an area of 60,000㎡, and has more than 600 employees.

Our main products include self-loading concrete mixers, asphalt plants, concrete plants, concrete pumps, backhoe loaders, and rough terrain forklifts.

We are a leading construction machinery manufacturer trusted by customers for excellent product quality, scientific and effective management, and excellent and standardized service.

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Energy-efficient and complies with environmental regulations

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Our Products

Self Loading Mixer

Concrete Plant

Rough Terrain Forklift

Concrete Pump

Backhoe Loader

Asphalt Plant

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Self Loading Concrete Mixer For Sale

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Urban Construction

Urban construction projects often have space constraints and require a quick and efficient supply of concrete. Self-loading concrete mixers enable on-site concrete production, eliminating the need for transporting concrete from batching plants.

Renovation Projects

Self-loading concrete mixers enable contractors and construction teams to produce and deliver small to medium volumes of concrete as required for patching, repairs, additions, and other different repair and renovation applications.

Infrastructure Projects

Self-loading concrete mixers are ideal for infrastructure development projects such as roads, bridges, and irrigation channels. They can easily access remote or hard-to-reach areas, making them suitable for construction in challenging terrains or areas with limited space.

Hot Models of Self Loading Mixer

STLTG1.2 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Unloading Capacity: 1.2m³

Output Capacity: 5~10m³/h

STLTG1.8 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Unloading Capacity: 1.8m³

Output Capacity: 8~12m³/h

STLTG2.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Unloading Capacity: 2m³

Output Capacity: 10 m³/h

STLTG2.6 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Unloading Capacity: 2.6m³

Output Capacity: 11~17 m³/h

STLTG3.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Unloading Capacity: 3.5m³

Output Capacity: 14~18m³/h

STLTG4.0 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Unloading Capacity: 4m³

Output Capacity: 16~20m³/h

STLTG5.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Unloading Capacity: 5.5m³

Output Capacity: 22~25m³/h

STLTG6.5 Self Loading Concrete Mixer

Unloading Capacity: 6.5m³

Output Capacity: 26~30m³/h

STLTGP-1.2 Self Loading Pan Mixer

Total Hydraulic System Capacity: 60L

STLTGP-1.6 Self Loading Pan Mixer

Total Hydraulic System Capacity: 60L

STLTGP-2.0 Self Loading Pan Mixer

Total Hydraulic System Capacity: 60L

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Concrete Plant For Sale

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Large Scale Construction

Concrete plants are extensively used in large scale construction projects such as high-rise buildings, bridges, dams, and industrial complexes. These projects require a significant amount of concrete to be produced in a consistent and efficient manner.

Remote/Mobile Construction Site

In remote or mobile construction sites where access to ready-mix concrete may be limited, concrete plants offer a convenient solution. Portable or mobile concrete plants can be easily transported to such sites, providing an on-site concrete production facility.

Precast Concrete Manufacturing

Concrete plants are widely used in the manufacturing of precast concrete elements. Precast concrete involves casting concrete in a controlled environment, allowing for high-quality, customized production of various structural components. 

Hot Models of Concrete Plant

Wet Mix Concrete Plant

Capacity: 25~100m³/h

Matched Aggregate Batcher: PLD800 – PLD3200

Dry Mix Concrete Plant

Capacity: 60~240m³/h

Matched Aggregate Batcher: PLD800 – PLD3200

Belt Conveyor Concrete Plant

Capacity: 25~100 m³/h

Skip Hopper Type Concrete Plant

Capacity: 25~100 m³/h

Mobile Concrete Plant

Capacity: 25~100m³/h

Container Types Concrete Plant

Capacity: 60~180m³/h

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Rough Terrain Forklift For Sale

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Construction Sites

Rough terrain forklifts are extensively used in construction sites, particularly in the early stages of a project. These forklifts are capable of navigating through rough, uneven, and muddy terrains, making them ideal for moving materials and equipment on construction sites with uneven ground and limited accessibility. 

Agriculture Operation

These forklifts are capable of maneuvering over rough and uneven surfaces, suitable for tasks such as loading and unloading bulky agricultural supplies, transporting hay bales, moving palletized goods. Handle various terrain conditions, including soft soil and inclines.

Warehousing Projects

Rough terrain forklifts are employed in industrial environments and warehouses where outdoor material handling is required. They are used for loading and unloading trucks, transporting heavy equipment or materials, and organizing warehouse inventory.

Hot Models of Rough Terrain Forklift

CPC60 Rough Terrain Forklift

Vehicle Mass: 7500Kg

CPC50 Rough Terrain Forklift

Vehicle Mass: 6500Kg

CPC40 Rough Terrain Forklift

Vehicle Mass: 5500Kg

CPC30 Rough Terrain Forklift

Vehicle Mass: 4500Kg

CPC35A Rough Terrain Forklift

Vehicle Mass: 4500Kg

CPC35B Rough Terrain Forklift

Vehicle Mass: 4500Kg

CPC35C Rough Terrain Forklift

Vehicle Mass: 4500Kg

CPC35A Basement Rough Terrain Forklift

Vehicle Mass: 4500Kg

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Concrete Pump For Sale

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High-rise Buildings

Concrete pumps are extensively used in the construction of high-rise buildings, where the vertical transportation of concrete is a crucial aspect. With the help of concrete pumps, concrete can be easily transported to the upper floors of the building with minimal effort and in a shorter time span. These pumps allow for precise and controlled placement of concrete, ensuring uniformity and consistency in the structure.

Restricted Access Areas

In construction sites with limited access or confined spaces, such as narrow streets, alleys, or interior spaces, concrete pumps prove to be invaluable. Traditional methods of pouring concrete using wheelbarrows or crane buckets can be challenging or impossible in such areas. Concrete pumps offer the flexibility to navigate through tight spaces and deliver concrete precisely without causing damage to the surrounding structures.

Hard-to-Reach Place

Construction projects located in remote or difficult-to-access areas can benefit from concrete pumps. These pumps can transport concrete over long distances, across rough terrains, or even over obstacles such as trees, buildings, or water bodies. This capability eliminates the need for additional labor and equipment to manually transport concrete, making the construction process more efficient and cost-effective.

Hot Models of Concrete Pump

Concrete Trailer Pump

Capacity: 30~180m³

Power Type: Diesel & Electric Power

Concrete Mixer Pump

Capacity: 30~120m³

Power Type: Diesel & Electric Power

Concrete Boom Pump

Boom Length: 15~61m

Truck-mounted Concrete Pump

Capacity: 80~90m³

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Backhoe Loader For Sale

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Loading and Material Handling

As the name suggests, backhoe loaders are equipped with a front loader bucket that allows for the loading and transportation of materials on construction sites. They can efficiently handle and transport loose material, such as soil, gravel, sand, or construction debris. Backhoe loaders are commonly used for loading trucks, stockpiling materials, backfilling excavated areas, and clearing construction sites.

Demolition Projects and Site Clearance

Backhoe loaders are also employed in demolition projects and site clearance activities. The backhoe attachment can be used for breaking up concrete structures, removing debris, and clearing the site. The front loader bucket can handle the transportation and removal of removing stumps or rocks, and placing landscaping materials like mulch or gravel generated during the demolition process.

Road Maintenance and Construction

Backhoe loaders play a vital role in road maintenance and construction projects. They can assist in tasks such as digging trenches for utility lines, repairing potholes, clearing vegetation along roadways, removing old asphalt or concrete, and spreading road base materials. The versatility of backhoe loaders makes them an essential machine for road contractors and maintenance crews.

Hot Models of Backhoe Loader

388 Backhoe Loader

Loader bucket capacity: 1m³

Excavator Bucket Capacity: 0.3m³/h

388II Backhoe Loader

Loader Bucket Capacity: 1m³

Excavator Bucket Capacity: 0.3m³/h

388H Backhoe Loader

Loader Bucket Capacity: 1.2m³

Excavator Bucket Capacity: 0.3m³/h

388T Backhoe Loader

Loader Bucket Capacity: 1.2m³

Excavator Bucket Capacity: 0.3m³/h

. SinoTech Luton

Asphalt Plant For Sale

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Road Repairs

Asphalt plants are utilized for maintenance and repair work on existing roads, parking lots, and driveways. These plants can produce smaller quantities of asphalt mixtures for patching potholes, filling cracks, and resurfacing damaged areas. 

Construction Projects

Asphalt plants are essential for meeting the demand for high-quality asphalt mixtures required in various construction projects. These projects include the construction of highways, airports, residential and commercial developments, and infrastructure upgrades.

Industrial Applications

Asphalt plants can be used in the manufacturing of waterproofing products, such as membranes used in the construction industry. Additionally, asphalt can be modified with polymers or other additives to create specialized products for industrial purposes like soundproofing barriers or bridge deck overlays.

Hot Models of Asphalt Plant

Mobile Asphalt Plant

Output Capacity: 60-160t/h

Hopper Capacity: 4 x 4.5m³ ~5 x 8m³

Mini Asphalt Plant

Output Capacity: 10-80t/h

Ready-made Asphalt Storage Bin:10-20t/h

Stationary Asphalt Plant

Output Capacity: 40-320t/h

Dryer Capacity: 60-320t/h

Continuous Asphalt Plant

Output Capacity: 100-200t/h

Cold aggregate Supply System: 3.5m³ x 1 ~ 6.5m³ x 4

What People Say About SinoTech Luton

As a loyal customer of SinoTech Luton, I must say their reputation in the industry is well-deserved. Their construction machinery is of superior quality, consistently delivering high performance and durability.

Their product range is wide, offering solutions to various construction needs. But it’s not just their equipment that sets them apart. The customer service team is always ready to assist, providing us with timely and effective solutions, and ensuring minimal downtime.

They are more than a vendor; they are a reliable partner who understands our needs and challenges. SinoTech Luton’s commitment to quality and customer satisfaction is truly commendable. It’s a company that stands behind its products and values its customers.

Sudomo Ade Darmadi / Indonesia

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