Spider Crane

Engineered with compact design, our crane excels in maneuvering through tight spaces, making it ideal for both indoor and outdoor construction projects. With its unrivaled lifting capacity and extendable boom reach, it’s designed to handle a wide range of loads.

The Spider Crane is equipped with advanced safety features, ensuring a secure operation environment. Investing in our Spider Crane means investing in efficiency, safety, and adaptability. Experience the difference and enhance your project’s productivity with our cutting-edge Spider Crane. It’s not just a machine, it’s a wise business decision.

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    Spider Crane

    Our Spider Crane excels in lifting heavy loads up to 8 tons, perfect for construction and manufacturing industries. Its compact design allows operation in confined spaces, while the 360-degree rotation feature ensures precise maneuverability.

    With an extendable boom up to 20 meters, it reaches heights inaccessible to traditional cranes. Safety is paramount, with automatic load detection and anti-tipping systems in place. Experience the unique blend of power, precision, and safety with our Spider Crane.

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    Why Invest In Spider Crane?

    Investing in a Spider Crane provides significant economic benefits. Its compact design and powerful capabilities allow for faster, more efficient operations, reducing labor costs by up to 30%. Its versatility means it can be used across various industries, providing a high return on investment.

    According to the Global Crane Market Report 2023, the demand for spider cranes is growing at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 6%. This is due to their efficiency and adaptability in both developed and emerging markets. Furthermore, the resale value of spider cranes remains high, providing an excellent exit strategy for your investment.

    By investing in a Spider Crane, you’re not just purchasing a piece of machinery; you’re securing a tool that will drive your business growth, enhance productivity, and deliver substantial economic returns.

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    Types of Spider Crane For Sale

    Our cranes are engineered for top performance, providing unparalleled lifting capacity in compact designs.

    Whether you’re handling delicate indoor projects or robust outdoor construction, our Spider Cranes are the solution.

    From mini to heavy-duty models, we have the perfect fit for your unique needs. All our cranes come with comprehensive service and support to ensure your operations run smoothly.

    Don’t let space limit your potential. Explore our Spider Crane collection today and elevate your business to new heights. Contact us now for a personalized quote!

    Spider Crane

    Lifting Capacity:


    Spider Cranes are versatile lifting solutions, ideal for construction, glass installation, steel erection, and more. Their compact design allows operation in confined spaces, while their powerful lifting capacity handles heavy loads. The extendable boom reach makes them perfect for accessing hard-to-reach heights.

    Spider Cranes offer significant economic benefits by reducing labor costs and improving operational efficiency. Their advanced safety features ensure a secure working environment. With a Spider Crane, you invest in adaptability, safety, and productivity.

    Specifications of Spider Crane

    ModelSTLT – 3TSTLT – 5TSTLT – 8T
    Maximum Working Radius8.83mx0.15t14mx0.5t16.5m
    Maximum Above-ground Head9.9mx0.7t16.8m
    Winch DeviceHook Speed0-8m/min (4 rope)12m/min (4 rope)12m/min (4 rope)
    Rope Diameter8mm-45m11mm-80m11mm-80m
    Telescopic SystemBoom Type5-section boom, pentagonal structure5-section boom, pentagonal structure5-section boom, pentagonal structure
    Boom Length/Time3.1m-9.2m/20sec12.3m/54sec12.3m/54sec
    Up and DownBoom Angle/Time0°~78°/13sec0°~78°/13sec0°~78°/13sec
    Slew SystemSlew Angle/Speed0-360° ccontinuous/60sec0-360° ccontinuous/60sec0-360° ccontinuous/60sec
    Traction SystemWalking WayHydraulic motor driveHydraulic motor driveHydraulic motor drive
    Walking Speed0~2.5km/h0~2.5km/h0~2.5km/h
    Grade Ability(25°)36%(25°)36%(25°)36%
    Operating CharacteristicsManual operation, remote controlManual operation, remote controlManual operation, remote control
    Transport ParametersL*W*H2950*980*1560mm5000*1500*1900mm5000*1600*2180mm
    Total Weight2700kg6200kg7200kg

    . Features

    The Advantages of Our RTG Gantry Crane

    Variable Geometry Outriggers: Spider Cranes come equipped with variable geometry outriggers, allowing them to stabilize in uneven terrain or confined spaces, offering a level of adaptability that is unique to these machines.

    360-Degree Rotation: Unlike many other cranes, Spider Cranes can rotate 360 degrees. This allows for a greater range of motion and the ability to lift and place loads in any direction around the crane.

    Remote Control Operation: Spider Cranes often come with remote control capabilities, allowing operators to control the crane from a distance, enhancing safety and precision in lifting operations.

    Non-Marking Tracks: Spider Cranes often feature non-marking tracks, making them ideal for indoor use where they won’t leave marks or damage on delicate flooring.

    Telescopic Boom: The telescopic boom of a Spider Crane allows for a compact size during transportation, but can be extended when on site to reach heights and distances that other similar-sized cranes cannot.

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    How Spider Cranes Contribute to Cost Savings in Construction Projects?

    Spider Cranes are revolutionizing the construction industry by bringing significant cost savings to projects. Their compact design allows them to operate in confined spaces where traditional cranes cannot, eliminating the need for costly demolition or structural modifications to accommodate larger machinery. This also reduces the time taken to set up and dismantle cranes, leading to more efficient use of labor and resources.

    The versatility of Spider Cranes extends to their lifting capacity. Despite their small size, they can lift heavy loads with precision, reducing the need for multiple machines on site. This not only decreases equipment rental or purchase costs but also lowers transportation and maintenance expenses.

    Furthermore, Spider Cranes often come with remote control capabilities, enhancing safety on construction sites. By minimizing the risk of accidents, they can save companies from potential injury-related costs and downtime.

    Lastly, the adaptability of Spider Cranes to various terrains and their ability to operate both indoors and outdoors reduces the need for specialized equipment, contributing to further savings. In essence, Spider Cranes offer a cost-effective solution for complex lifting tasks, making them a valuable asset in the construction industry.

    The Role of Spider Cranes in Sustainable Construction Practices

    Spider Cranes are playing a pivotal role in promoting sustainable practices within the construction industry. Their compact design and high efficiency make them an excellent choice for projects aiming to minimize their environmental impact.

    Firstly, the small footprint of Spider Cranes means they require less space for operation, which reduces the need for extensive site clearance. This minimizes landscape disruption and the associated ecological impact.

    Secondly, Spider Cranes’ ability to operate in confined spaces negates the need for larger, more energy-consuming machinery. This results in lower energy usage and reduced carbon emissions. Moreover, their precise control systems minimize waste caused by inaccuracies in lifting and placing materials, contributing to resource conservation.

    Spider Cranes also contribute to sustainable practices through their versatility. Their ability to work on diverse terrains and in various conditions reduces the need for multiple specialized machines, leading to less manufacturing and transportation-related emissions.

    Lastly, innovations in Spider Crane technology are pushing the boundaries of sustainability even further. Developments in electric and hybrid-powered models offer the potential for zero-emission operations, aligning with the growing demand for green construction solutions.

    In conclusion, Spider Cranes are instrumental in advancing sustainable construction practices, reinforcing the industry’s commitment to environmental responsibility.

    The Economic Benefits of Investing in Spider Cranes

    Investing in Spider Cranes can yield substantial economic benefits, making them a prudent choice for businesses in the construction and related industries.

    Firstly, Spider Cranes offer high productivity due to their exceptional lifting capacity and compact design. They can operate in tight spaces where traditional cranes cannot, enabling efficient use of time and labor. This can lead to significant cost savings. For instance, a study by the Construction Industry Institute found that efficient crane usage can reduce labor costs by up to 25%.

    Secondly, Spider Cranes’ versatility reduces the need for multiple specialized machines, leading to lower equipment acquisition, maintenance, and transportation costs. This also minimizes downtime between tasks, further enhancing productivity and profitability.

    Thirdly, the robust demand for Spider Cranes, growing at a CAGR of 6%, indicates a promising resale value and potential for rental income. This provides an additional revenue stream and ensures a high return on investment.

    Lastly, Spider Cranes’ advanced safety features can minimize accident-related costs, including worker compensation and project delays. According to the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA), implementing effective safety measures can reduce accident costs by up to 40%.

    In conclusion, investing in Spider Cranes can bring substantial economic benefits by enhancing productivity, reducing costs, and providing additional revenue opportunities.


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